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Parts of Biogas Power Plant

Parts of Biogas Power Plant

Parts of Biogas Power Plant

Common parts for all Biogas Plants are:

SilosTrench silo – Storage of all solid raw materials like corn silage, which is done in so called bunker silos, made from reinforced concrete construction. Dimensioning of silos is based on the quantities of raw materials intended for the storage, delivery intervals and the daily amounts added to the digestor.


DigestorDigester (Fermenter) – is a reservoir where the main process of biogas production is completed, in the environment without the presence of oxygen. It is usually covered with a double-layer gas permeable, mechanical membrane, but it can also have a concrete roof.


RezervoarFresh liquid manure tank – it is used for storage of liquid manure before entering the digester. Usually it is covered by waterproof foil.



BunkerBunker for corn silage – This bunker is used for adding corn or other solid material from the plant production.




RezervoarSolid manure tank – This tank s used for adding solid manure.




SeparatorSeparator – is a device that is used for separating solid and liquid components from postfermented mass (after leaving the digestor). Usualy the solid component has around 20% dry matter and looks like soil used for planting flowers. The liquid component holds around 3% of dry matter.


VagaFreight scale – is used for measurement of raw materials entering the digestor (substrate) and the solid organic fertilizer.





LagunaConcrete or earthen lagoon – storage of liquid products (components) is solved by building a reinforced concrete reservoir, or earth lagoon with PVC wrap, which provides a minimum of six month storage.



ZgradaTechnical building – building with control room, room for the equipment for analysis, processing and gas measurement, room with engine with the generator (CHP unit). Technical building can also be container type. In that case, the CHP unit has its own container.


CHPEngine with generator (CHP unit) – This is in fact a gas engine, which is merged with a generator, to form a device that will produce the electrical energy.



Trafo stanicaPower substation – purpose of substation is to connect the biogas power plant with electricity distribution network.




SahtCondensation manhole – it has a role in the process of drawing moisture from the biogas.





BakljaTorch – has a role to burn any excess gas produced.