To what purpose?


To what purpose?

A question we might ask ourselves is, what are the benefits of having a facility like this? I would say, the benefits are found in multiple places. The total amount of produced energy is sold to Serbian electrical grid at a guaranteed preferential tariff (so you don’t have to think whether we, to whom, and how to sell our product during the 12 year period), thermal energy is used for heating or cooling water, technology, for greenhouses, dryers and so on. Manure and other materials, after treatment, acquire the status of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is very valued in Serbia, because the market is almost empty, and its needed by all the producers of organic food, and their numbers are constantly growing. It has a very mild odor (90% reduced), unlike fresh manure, plants are easier to acquire nutrients from it, and also contain a higher percentage of ammonium. It is also good to state, that the Biogas power plants have a very positive affect on environmental protection, which reduces gas emissions which cause the greenhouse effect. During process of combustion, methane is converted into water and carbon dioxide, which has 22 to 23 times less influence on the greenhouse effect. We should not ignore the fact that manure stays in the digester 30 to 60 days in the space without any oxygen, at a constant temperature between 35 and 42 ° C. After that period over 98% of pathogenic bacteria are destroyed.


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