Basic Definitions

Basic Definitions

Renewable energy sources are energy sources that are found in nature and reproduced fully or partialy, in particular hydro energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, animal biomass, geothermal energy, biofuels, biogas, synthetic gas, landfill gas, gas from treatment plants for municipal water and wastewater from food processing and wood processing industries which do not contain hazardous materials;

Biogas Power Plants are plants with one or more generators that use gas that originated in its own plants (reactors), from anaerobic processes of biomass, except the biomass of animal origin;

Animal origin Biogas Plants are power plants that use the gas that is generated at the plant for treatment of waste products of animal origin (category 2 or 3 material – animal carcasses, body, parts of bodies of animals, integral parts of bodies of animals, animal products and food of animal origin not intended for human consumption), a reconciliation with the regulations that define the handling of by-products of animal origin, as well as other regulations in the field of veterinary medicine;

Privileged producer is the manufacturer which engages in electricity production, and has also gained the status of a privilidged producer by the supervisor.

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