From Idea to Realization

From Idea to Realization

Following steps are necessary for the successful construction, and operation of biogas plant:

  • Collecting data about type and amount of available raw materials. This step should not be missed, because, based on this data, we’ll define biogas plant type and capacity.
  • Defining the most suitable location for biogas plant. It should be taken into account, the distance of the places which are supplied with raw materials, exploitation of the possibilities of thermal energy, possibilities of connection to the electrical distribution network…
  • Preparation of tender documents and perform the selection of suppliers and technology, signing a contract with defined conditions, obligations and deadlines for both sides.
  • Making detailed regulatory plan.
  • Getting information about the location with all the terms that the project documentation has to satisfy, preparation of project documentation required for construction permits, request for acquiring the status of a temporary eligible electricity producer.
  • The construction that can last 8 to 10 months.
  • After the completion of the work, we put biogas plant into trial operation, and after proof of performance that can last from 3 to 6 months obtaining the necessary use permit, acquire the status of eligible electricity producer and sign a contract for the sale of electricity, with that we accomplish our goal. This is not the end, but only the begining.
  • If we want that biogas plant to give it’s maximum, it is necessary to provide a regular service and maintenence, as well as monitoring parameters of the biogas production process.


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